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What is Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment?

This method of treatment uses ultrasound to break down fat cells (triglycerides). The vibration creates bubbles in the fluid that surrounds the fat cells, which expand and contract. The fat cells eventually implode and they are metabolized into glycerol and free fatty acids. Glycerol is water soluble and is absorbed by the blood as a source of energy. The insoluble fatty acids are transported to the liver to be processed as waste (urine), so it's recommended to drink plenty of water both at the day of the treatment and subsequent days.


Benefits of Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment


  • Painless, non-invasive

  • Improves skin firmness

  • Removes fat deposits

  • Reduces cellulite 


Duration of treatment  


45 minutes



Beauty results

Reduced Fat & Cellulite

Tightened skin and melted fat (combined with Radio Frequency)

Sculpted body.



When to do this care?


If your skin is saggy and have cellulite or undesirable fat areas in your body or face.

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